Barbers are Republican

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  1. The owner of an old fashioned barbershop states.

    The barbers vote Republican, the customers vote Democrat. If the barbers are independent contractors assume we could qualify them as business men.

    The customers chat up the barber, there is banter back and forth on world affairs, etc. yet the customers(as Democrats) fail to convince the barber (republicans) to change their vote.

    One could assume the barber has heard it all based on the variety of people he has conversed with whereas the customer is not really in a position to have heard it all (customers chatting with other customers).

    The hair cut is finished, the Democrat pays for the haircut and offers a "tip" for a job well done to the republican barber.

    I think the democrat got more than a haircut.
  2. Doesn't hold water, a nice tale though.

    The customer? Its a men's hairdresing salon, if they could afford a liqour licence and tattoo parlour on the same premises, bazaam, serious business, but thats not how it works, last time i checked.

    Could be wrong of course, but its not so crazy an idea.

    Just a quick tale, i once had my head shaved in a hairdresser, lousy, terrible job, and, and, they charged the same as a freakin haircut style.

    What gives there, i mean, really.

    For the incredibly uninterested, you may be surprised to know that barbers were surgeons in the middle, and renaissaince (and modern ) period, they were the surgeons and dentists of the time.

    The barbers pole, red and white spirals, is very historical, as they could administer bloodletting, herbal (or heavy metal tinctures etc) remedies, extract teeth, and were licensed to do all this, AND cut hair and shave people.

    I could be wrong, but they could in fact , in an emergency act as midwives, during various periods.
    1830ish rings a bell, but DYODD.

    Of course now, any nurse, in fact almost any idiot with some basic training, could do these things without causing an unnecessary fatality, but , there you have it.

    So, back to barbers-honestly, most of my best haircuts have been at barbers.

    Maybe, just maybe, I am barking mad, but you know what?

    Your damn right, if i could get some dental work done, maybe a tooth extracted or a basic cleaning, read a paper, have some innocuous banter, have a professional shave and haircut, shit, maybe even a pedicure or something , heck, lets go silly here-a pro tailor service, all in the same building, well, damn that would be great.

    Wouldnt it?
  3. :D
  4. The old school barbershop I patronize in Ft.Liquorerdale has a fully stocked bar in the back (free) where one can get buzzed before getting buzz cut. Needless to say I style my hair VERY short....:D