Barbara Bush: GOP race is 'worst campaign'

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  1. Barbara Bush is giving a thumbs down to the GOP presidential race.

    "I think it's been the worst campaign I've ever seen in my life," Bush said Monday at a conference on first ladies at Southern Methodist University in Dallas. "I hate that people think compromise is a dirty word. It's not a dirty word."
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    How long before ET's Right Wingsters refer to her as a RINO?
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    Its funny, because it was bush's spending and now Obama's which created the need for the Tea party.
    The establishment republicans are disliked because of their "compromises" on the budget.

    The majority of the people of the party... want a balanced budget. Period, cut the shit, stop being fairies... get the job done.

    We understand the democrats want to keep spending and create a larger underclass so they can be re elected indefinitely.

    We are at standoff and we want our politicians to represent us. As nice a lady as she appears, Barbara Bush is dead as wrong when it comes to the issue of the budget.

    And Yes, neocons are Republican in name only.
  4. Where did she bring up the budget? I think she's just upset at how the R's are treating each other, and their adversaries. This is the first campaign that I can remember that is so long and slimy. Although Obama and Hillary did go at it for some time, it was only the two of them, made it a little more tolerable.

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    She needs to keep up with the times, have a look out her limo window while on the expressway. I'll bet she doesn't have one rap or Lady Gaga song on her ipod nor even a single visible tatoo. The times, they are a changin'.
  6. 1964 was the start of some good changes, that's for sure. I think maybe she's thinking more of the destruction of her husband's and father-in-laws political party from within.

    Funny post though, thanks for the chuckle. IPod, indeed.

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    Given her husbands legacy of spending, I think you can bet she is talking about when the republicans go after romney care and big govt spending. Or when ron paul rips on the wars and spending.

    All that reflects on bush and obama. Those two are the twin towers of debt.

  8. It's fascinating to speculate where our country would be if Reagan had not been forced to take Geroge HW Bush on his ticket. At the time, the republican establishment was terrified of Reagan and worried that he would lead them to another Goldwater-style shellacking. too conservative, etc. So they forced Bush on him, a charter member of the eastern republican establishment. Of course, Bush stumbled into the presidency and through sheer incompetency, managed to give Saddam Hussein the notion that we didn't care if he invaded Kuwait. That led to Desert Storm, which led to osama bin ladin, which led to 9/11, whihc lead to ten years of pointless war in the middle east.

    To compound matters, Bush managed to lose to Bill Clinton, which led to the rise of Hillary and such odious people as Janet "Burn'em alive" Reno. Clinton's nonstop sleaze made people long for the propriety of the Bushes. Unfortunately, we got "W", whose legacy was Obama.

    So basically, Barb, STFU.
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    And this from someone who was a Bush apologist during the W era:

    AAA, you are so full of hypocrisy that your eyes must be really and truly brown.
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