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    I would not be surprised if Barack Obama had the chance to run that he could win the election to be the president of Kenya.

    Barack's father is a citizen of that country and Kenya is melting right now into complete chaos.

    The people from Kenya could use a well educated person such as Barack Obama to be their president.

  2. Thats ridiculous, dude.
    And you know it.

    Nobody would want to be president of kenya, or any african nation.

    Im sure there are plenty of US based candidates for various south american elections too , maybe the sparsity of said candidates might say something about the overall political climate in said countries.
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    SouthAmerica: Reply to Acronym

    I don't remember if it was the CNN News or the BBC News that showed Barack Obama talking in the telephone today and asking the people in Kenya to stop the chaos.

    Barack Obama has Kenyan roots since his father is a citizen of that country.

    You are dismissing all African countries, I would not mind myself to be the president elected of a country such as Angola.

  4. SA, this post further shows the extent of your ignorance.

    Kenya, like most of Africa, is crippled by tribalism and corruption. The recent "elections" proved that. Yeah, sure, Obama could just saunter in and be elected in a "democratic process." LOL!

    Some "journalist" you are!! :p
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    He certainly is better qualified to be the president of that country than the people who are running for president.

    By the way, Fujimoro was elected president of Peru, even though he was born in Japan - and that was a similar situation to the Barack Obama case. (I forgot - there is no corruption in Peru.)

  6. Oh he is, huh? Obama UNDERSTANDS the ills of the country, knows the characteristics of the different regions, etc., based on first-hand experience???

    You're on drugs...

    Actually, whether or not Fujimori was born in Peru or Japan is the subject of much debate.

    What is not debatable is that Obama was NOT born in Kenya. He was born in Honolulu. His father was Kenyan.

    Obama grew up in Hawaii and Indonesia. He has very little, if any, experience living in Kenya.

    Get it? Obama was born in the US. This is NOT similar to Fujimori's case.

    Good grief.....I still cannot believe that you are a journalist.
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    Alberto Fujimori was born in Lima, Peru. His parents immigrated to Peru in 1934. Alberto was born in 1938.
    Please stop your misinformation on subjects that you know nothing of.
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    Why am I not surprised to hear this?
  9. Quote from southamerica:

    ......I would not mind myself to be the president elected of a country such as Angola.

    I would happily vote for Southamerica as the President of Angola on the condition if elected he left the US for good, then was offed in a military coup.
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