Barak Hussein Obama would be a disaster for U.S.

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  1. Those who give $$$ to his campaign are fools. Wasted money...

    He will NEVER be the President of the USA.
  2. Those that back Obama are smart. They hope to be puppet-master.
  3. Arnie


    Isn't it funny how CNN feels obliged to fly a top reporter to Jakarta to debunk this? I wonder why.
  4. jem


    President or not he has turned himself into a serious political figure.

    so far - I much prefer him to jessie jackson. Even if Obama is left of jackson - at least he seems smart enough to say what he means at times.

    Nothing worse than a insincere lying idiot in control.

    We have suffered through a smart insincere liar and insincere lying idiot.

    I hope we do better next election.
  5. And the CNN piece only disputes the degree of fundamentalism at the Muslim school Obama attended. Nothing else.

    The school in question is different now than it was 40 years ago. The deputy headmaster is quoted as saying, at the current school, "We don't focus on religion." While Obama's mother and Muslim stepfather describe the environment Obama was in as a "Muslim" school.

    A cocaine user, and Muslim, seated in the White House's Oval Office. That's Saturday Night Live territory. Those who "don't get it" in regards to this situation, will never "get it."
  6. LT701


    jeez, not another coke head

    no more coke heads
  7. Sam321


    The fact is that as long as post WWII babyboomer liberals run the show (and media), get used to American liberalism endorsing foreign conservatism invading America, like Islamism. They celebrate women wearing the Arab head scarf, and candidates going to an Islamist school, but freak out if they see a bunch of nuns on a train.
  8. Yep, they never will. They didn't get it about our drunk-driving, cocaine snorting, draft dodging, punk president, either.

    Obama looks a whole lot better than Shrub.
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