Barack Will Be The Most Bi- Partisan President EVER!

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  1. or in the top 2 !

    I said I would not post a reply on here until Wednesday or later... so this post is not for debate and I will not reply or debate.

    Just mark my words !! Remember you heard it here! Obama if he wins, will be THE most bi-partisan President EVER or one of the most evolved bi-partisan leaders ever!

    If I am correct, I hope some of the more enlightened republicans on this forum will openly acknowledge that their fear bordering often on paranoia in their claim that Obama would not be good for America has dissipated and that they now are looking forward to the future AND will be patriotic enough to put Country First and support OUR President, as I would do with McCain in similar circusmtances!

    If I am wrong I will do the same only in the opposite vein... and I will be critical of Obama!

    Bon Chance on Tuesday to all Americans!
  2. I tend to agree.

    My vision is that Obama wants to please the most people he can, and that would be to run his administration right down the center...
  3. Mercor


    Unless he likes to Veto, he will be hit with Liberal bill after Liberal bill.
  4. Yes, but I wish he were less of a pussy and more of a partisan.
    Look at some of the Republican postings on this site, violent & hateful, you can't reason with these people.
    This 50 state strategy is bullshit, by pure demographic forces NC, NV and CO are turning into blue states, So the DEMS should use Rove's strategy of division, it's pretty smart. Obama as president should make the Red States starve to death, like really really kill any federal gov help to Red states, I want to see the motherfuckers live in abject poverty.
    If the FED gov were not spreading the wealth around (That of CA NY IL to Alabama, Nebraska , GA and SC). These assholes would live in the middle ages.

    So here is my first demand. The federal government should make sure that ALL states individually get 100 cents on the $ paid in federal taxes.
    Think about it, What's the reason for Mississippi to exist as a state ? ZERO, nothing, Zilch. These people are totally useless. What about South Carolina ? Same ! totally useless.
  5. Would a democrat controlled house and senate give Obama the line item veto so many presidents have wished for?

  6. We will see if he wins.

    I still am worried about him raising taxes in a bad economy though.
  7. LOL!! Oslama is the very, most, most, most, liberal voter in the Senate. Conservatives are going to have the right to protest whatever the Democrats do, nothing more...

    Ok, he's not a communist, just another far left crooked Chicago politician, probably the US will survive and prosper under the hand of the Most Merciful Lord Obama.. and the Chi town pols won't let him think about a transaction tax either, they get a lot of tax revenue from the Financial sector, so does New York...
  8. Come on Fractals. Voting to leave a baby to die in an isolated room after a failed abortion isn't that far left. I would say that is mostly moderate. Babies puke and poop to much so i say they deserve it.
  9. Good. We have it on record that you believe babies who die in an isolated room after a failed abortion is a mostly moderate position because babies puke and poop too fact they deserve their fate.

    Nice to have you on the record now...

  10. ZZZzzzz nice to have you on the record now that you cannot sense sarcasm.
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