Barack Obama's obsession with Abraham Lincoln

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  1. Barack Obama's obsessions with Abraham Lincoln.

    • Following Lincoln's 4 day train ride from Philly to Washington.
    • Same food to be served at the inauguration that Lincoln liked in the 1860's.
    • Obama to be swarn-in with Lincoln's bible.

    I have a feeling this list will grow over time.
  2. Obama can fool all of the people all of the time.

  3. and it was under Lincoln that slavery was abolished.

    Oh the symbolism...
  4. Lincoln was a republican and don't you forget it Obama.
  5. TGregg


    He's just like Lincoln and FDR and Washington and Jefferson all put together times a ZILLION!

    Time to destroy Mt. Rushmore and put up a giant statue of The One.


    Eventually his Super Sized American Idol Ultra Populist Pendulum will swing to the other side and it will be uber-cool to be anti-Obama.
  6. The symbolism re Lincoln is the divisiveness this country is experiencing in general.

    On the surface it may look racial.

    On the surface, we are doing it for the children, the less fortunate, the homeless the helpless and the rest of the liberal agenda but deep down I think people are pissed off and mad as hell at each other.