Barack Obama’s New Economic Team.

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    November 28, 2008

    SouthAmerica: I would give Barack Obama’s economic team an A+ grade with just an exception.

    You can’t go wrong when you have on your team people such as Paul Volcker.

    I am sure that Larry Summers will be a very influential member of his economic team

    His nominee for secretary of the Treasury is Tim Geithner, president of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York for the past five years.

    Obama also announced the creation of a President's Economic Recovery Advisory Board - and Paul Volcker will lead this new board.

    Basically I have a problem with only one member of his economic team: Tim Geithner.

    During the confirmation hearings they should place this guy under a microscope and check out his performance as a president of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York for the past five years. They should check a number of things very closely as follows:

    1) As a regulator – his relationships with Citi group. (A bank under his supervision went from being the largest bank in the US 2 years ago – to become the latest joke of the US financial system.)

    2) This guy played a major role in the demise of Lehman Brothers. He has a close relationship with the Goldman Sacks Mafia Network. The question is: Did Goldman Sacks influence the decision to let Lehman Brothers die such a sudden death? If that is the case such a miscalculation by Tim Geithner caused a global financial Tsunami and he should not be the next US Treasury Secretary.

    3) By the way, Tim Geithner has had a very close relationship with the current Treasury Secretary Paulson during this entire financial crisis – and Henry Paulson’s performance, as Treasury Secretary is nothing to write home about it.


    In case Tim Geithner confirmation is rejected tobe the next US Treasury Secretary then I would suggest that they consider replacing him with Stephen Roach.

    For the position of US Labor Secretary a very good choice would be Jeremy Rifkin.


    Barack Obama is in the right track regarding his economic team, but people must keep in mind that in January 2009 when he becomes the new US president he is going to inherit a wreckage of a country in the beginning of a new Great Depression.

    It is anybody’s guess how the new US economic system will work in the future - after the sudden demise of the economic capitalist system the US had until a few months ago.

    During 2008 the global economy has changed in drastic ways that we will be able to see it more clearly only few years from now when we look back and try to understand what has happened.

    Even with this A+ economic team it will take a long time to sort out the wreckage left behind by the Bush administration and establish a new direction for the US economy. Even the great minds that will be charting a new direction for the US economy starting in 2009 can’t change all the damage that still is coming in the pipeline and will push the US economy downward – just God knows for how long.

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    December 12, 2008

    SouthAmerica: Barack Obama is choosing a first-rate group of people to be members of his cabinet.

    His economic team is impressive including people such as Paul Volcker, and Larry Summers, but to complete this outstanding economic team I would suggest that he give the job of Labor Secretary to Jeremy Rifkin.

    Besides being an expert about the global job market, Mr. Rifkin is also in tune with what is going on in the areas of technology, and energy. He has the credentials and knowledge necessary for him to become an outstanding US Labor Secretary.


    Universal Health Care

    If Barack Obama were serious about providing for the American people a free universal health care similar to the system of countries such as France, UK and Canada then I would recommend that he should appoint Paul Krugman as the new Czar in charge of designing the new state-of-the-art free universal health care system for the United States.

    Over the years I read many articles on The New York Times by Paul Krugman on that subject and I am sure he is the right person to be in charge of the restructuring of the US health care system in the coming years.

    Today we have a complete different ball game going on in the US health care area than the circumstance in the early 1990’s when Bill Clinton lost the health care battle.

    In a nutshell: For a number of reasons today the United States is ready to adopt a new universal health care system.

  3. The PRIVATELY held FED owns this next elected president just as many before.....economic team proves it, more of the same SCUM that has destroyed our once great country.

    Universal Health Care run by our government.......LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :eek: :D :eek: :D :eek: :D

    Go ask our heros, the american solidiers what they REALLY think of their FREE government run Universal Health Care. That is all I need, the government deciding when and what medical care I get in a realm of growing tyranny.....FU(% THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :mad:
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    SouthAmerica: Reply to AMT4SWA

    I don't see too many people over 65 complaining of their Medicare coverage.

    In a nutshell:

    Universal health care means: Medicare for the entire population instead of Medicare covering only people over 65 years old.

  5. 4XQs


    The one thing Obama should do when he takes power is for the US Govt to just take over ownership of the Fed. No payment to the owners, make it a state-controlled institution with no private ownership.
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    SouthAmerica: Reply to 4xqs

    The American taxpayers are the shareholders of the Federal Reserve.
  7. Medicare is NOT AT ALL government RUN Universal Health Care....not even close.
  8. Sure......LOL.....with a REVERSE dividend!!! :D
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    SouthAmerica: Reply to AMT4SWA

    The Federal Reserve is were American companies can dump toxic waste in exchange for good money.

    Today the Federal Reserve reminds me of that movie: "The Money Pit"

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    AMT4SWA: Medicare is NOT AT ALL government RUN Universal Health Care....not even close.


    SouthAmerica: It is the American version of national health Insurance for people over 65 years old.

    #10     Dec 12, 2008