Barack Obama Wants Your Money As You Tumble From The Fiscal Cliff

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    Barack Obama Wants Your Money As You Tumble From The Fiscal Cliff


    One thing is clear after these two conventions. Republicans won’t break their tax-protection pledge and President Obama is prepared to go over the fiscal cliff unless Republicans cave in. Get ready to be held hostage and for a bumpy road ahead.

    If Obama wins re-election, I trust him at his word that he won’t extend the Bush-era tax cuts for the rich during the lame-duck session. And in 2013, I don’t expect that Obama will reduce taxes on the rich, either. In tax reform, Obama won’t close tax loopholes on the middle class to finance lower taxes on the rich. If Obama wins, Republicans should consider accelerating taxable income into 2012, to get lower tax rates while they still can. Presto, Obama’s hope and our tax change – ka-ching.

  2. Clearly.
  3. Of course........

    From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs (unless you are part of the Central Planner's Caste)
  4. Eight


    it's called "let's all share the wealth and give me some"
  5. When Obama got elected, he seemed very determined to prove to the world that he was not just another Tax and Spend democrat. The first thing he did was go to Wall Street and make friends with GS and JPM, mistakenly thinking they were the "economy" and then, there, that deal was done, the economy (which he understands nothing about) was in the good hands of the bankers who surely must care about it.

    Next he did his agenda, which was "Healthcare" ok, that is done, even the Supreme Court says it is ok.

    And 4 years later he gives an inspiring speech laying out his vision for the world which as far as I can tell relies entirely on taxing and spending. Is there or was there anything in that speech which doesn't require more taxes or more spending (which is now just more borrowing)?

    And the other side is no better.

    What we need is somebody to stand up and say, "I want to be President and I can't solve any of your problems."

    I wish Michelle would run. She was the best looking woman in the whole joint. If all it means to be President is giving a speech, I'd rather watch her make one than the other two clueless individuals competing for the worthless position.
  6. May I say...WTF????

    This has to be parody.
  7. we should just tax everybody at 100% from the lowliest dishwasher to the highest CEO until somebody says, "Hey, what's the deal?"

    I think if we took all of Bill Gates and Warren Buffets money that would run the government for a few days (or maybe a few hours) and then maybe somebody would come to the conclusion that, "I don't think this taxing is such a good idea."

    otherwise, we've crossed the threshold of austerity. It really is the uncomfortable position of the poker player on fourth street who knows it is a huge risk but he is pot committed.

    The days of small government are over, and I say, if you are going to do it, do it big. If it's got even a chance of making money, we the people (the government) need to throw as much money as we can at it.

    Best idea I can come up with is start a war with China. They need the diversion and we need the financing, so it is your basic win/win situatiation.
  8. Am a little confused. Is the 15% dividend tax being revoked? Because anyone worth any money can set up a corporate vehicle through which they write off everything including mortgage and interest on loans and then pay themselves the net through a dividend.
  9. mortgage and property tax deductions? that bastage!
  10. Pretty lame. The OP at least had a little style to it.
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