Barack Obama Unable To Register For State Primary As Alabama Reviews His Eligibility

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  1. UPDATE: An Alabama Court has announced that it will hear arguments as to whether Barack Hussein Obama II is in fact eligible to appear on the State Presidential Primary Ballot.

    Several Alabama citizens have filed a lawsuit within the Alabama Circuit Court to "prevent certification of President Barack Obama for 2012 Alabama ballot access pending final hearing based on factual evidentiary hearings."

    The deadline for any candidate to register to appear on the Alabama Presidential Primary ballot is just days away, but by agreeing to hear the case, the Alabama Courts have effectively stalled any efforts by the Democratic Party to place Obama on the ballot.

    Just as important is the fact that the Court did indeed accept the case. By agreeing to hear the case, the Court appears to have recognized that the defendants, ordinary Alabama citizens, do in fact have standing. In many previous eligibility cases, courts have ruled that ordinary citizens did not have standing, in other words were not sufficiently harmed by the actions of the defendant and therefore had no legal right to bring their case before the courts.
  2. Dear birther,

    Good luck with that:D

    I do hope you guys get back on TV. I really really do! Where is Trump when you need him:D
  3. Gee, Alabama, huh? Right, no motive here. I'm not saying, but maybe I'm saying, right?

    As if it will make any difference.

  4. pspr


    I see this popping up on a bunch of websites but not on any respected news site. I do see that a hearing is scheduled for 9 AM Monday on the matter.

    BIRMINGHAM, Alabama Jan. 6, 2012 -- Jefferson County Circuit Judge Helen Shores Lee today denied a request to delay a hearing set for Monday to consider if she should dismiss a Birmingham man's lawsuit seeking to block President Obama from being listed on ballots in the March 13 Alabama primary.

    Lee denied the request to postpone the hearing until Jan. 27, and said it would remain set for 9 a.m. Monday in her Birmingham courtroom.

    Albert E. Hendershot filed the suit Dec. 13 against Alabama Democratic Party Chairman Mark Kennedy challenging Obama's citizenship and his qualification to run and serve as president. Hendershot sought the postponement after Orly Taitz, a California lawyer and leading figure in the "birther" movement that questions Obama's citizenship and right to serve as president, agreed to represent Hendershot in the Alabama case.

    Kennedy's lawyers have called the suit frivolous and asked Lee to dismiss it. They opposed the delay, saying in court papers filed earlier today that the party must certify its primary candidates by Jan. 19 and Hendershot should have been prepared to go to court when he filed "this astonishing proceeding."
  5. Get ready for more heartbreak birthers...count on it
  6. The birthers getting back into the news is one of the best things that can happen for Obama
  7. Yep, it's funny how the right is actually doing so much to ensure his re-election. I'm no real fan of Obama either, too mild imo, but compared to what the republicans have mustered so far, no contest.

  8. I think they know newt,sanatorium nor willard can beat Obama so they have to give the birther thing another shot
  9. Georgia is doing the same thing. It will spread to other states.

    Its undisputed that Obama's father was british. The issue is that one of his parents was british. It has nothing to do with where he was born.

    His father's citizenship was always the issue. Rubio and Jidal have the same issue. Neither of their parents were citizens either.

    If the issue of Obama's father's citizenship is ignored then the Rats are going to have to deal with Rubio which will be a nightmare for them.

    If the Rats had any sense they would use this as the easy way to dump Obama and run Hillary Clinton.
  10. Well then, YOU'RE AN IDIOT!

    Odumbo has done GREAT HARM to the US... The only worse president in US history is Woodrow Wilson.. who "gave" us the Fed.

    ANYBODY WOULD BE BETTER THAN ODUMBO!! (He'll do a lot more harm if dumbass, greedy, tit-sucking Americans give him a 2nd term.)

    Ron Paul would get my vote again.. but I'd even choke-down a vote for Romney if it means getting rid of Odumbo.

    (Bush was a horrible president. He did great harm to America as a by-product of his ego, his desire to be a "war president", and to "look good in his daddy's eyes". Odumbo is even worse. He's harming the US INTENTIONALLY.. WITH MALICE. History may ultimately reveal that he is, in fact, a Muslim and Islamic terrorist of the highest order.... Hell-bent on the destruction of America... and how better to do it? Right under our noses with the righteousness of anti-racism, accelerating debt and the false promises of "economic and social justice"..)

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