Barack Obama Taking Illegal Donations?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by bearice, Apr 16, 2011.

  1. This isn’t just some ultra right wing bomb throwing either. An official complaint has been filed with the FEC and Google search results of foreign donations to Obama bring up nearly 300,000 hits. This is another reason Why Barack Obama Scares Me.

    There are two articles (1, 2) up at The Jawa Report stating that people with fake names and addresses can make campaign contributions to Barack Obama with legitimate credit cards. One writer made a $5 donation to Barack Obama (with screenshots to include his online banking site to verify the donation) under the name of James Bond in London, DC (as in Washington).

    Donations from foreigners to presidential campaigns are most certainly illegal. This is not a foreigner making the donation but it certainly allows for the possibility of it. One person from Canada fraudulently claiming to be a U.S. citizen making a $5 donation would be illegal thus bringing in to question the fundraising policies of the Obama camp.
  2. Bearice get a life and get the hell off of ET. You're starting to get sickening now
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  4. Posters:

    I'd feel bad for Google, but they've crawled into bed (colluded) with the Obama Administration one too many times. By coordinating with Obama--and the left--to control information flow, Google surrendered the mantle of impartiality.

    Google was one of Obamas largest supporters in 08. They not only donated as a company but donated personally to his campaign.Hang on Microsoft, if Googles anything like Obamas coddled Unions, they'll have lots of tax payer dollars to fight you and society with. Ultimately it will be the Lawyers that win...typical.
  5. I would imagine Gaddafi gave to him since he donates to the Nation of Islam.

    Obama dragged his feet on Libya because he didn't want to bomb a campaign contributor.