Barack Obama takes oath of office for second term as president

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  1. Barack Obama takes oath of office for second term as president

    WASHINGTON (AP) -- Stepping into his second term, President Barack Obama took the oath of office Sunday in an intimate swearing-in ceremony at the White House, the leader of a nation no longer in the throes of the recession he inherited four years ago but still deeply divided.

    The president, surrounded by family in the ornate White House Blue Room, was administered the brief oath of office by Chief Justice John Roberts. With Obama's hand resting on a Bible used for years by Michelle Obama's family, the president vowed "to support and defend the Constitution of the United States," echoing the same words spoken by the 43 men who held the office before him.

    About a dozen family members were on hand to witness Obama's swearing in, including the first lady, daughters Malia and Sasha, the president's sister Maya Soetoro-Ng and her family. Mrs. Obama's mother Marian Robinson, and the first lady's brother, Craig Robinson and his family. A few reporters also were in the room.

    The president will repeat the swearing in ritual again Monday on the west front of the Capitol, before a jubilant crowd of up to 800,000 people.

    Sunday's smaller ceremony was a function of the calendar and the Constitution, which says presidents automatically begin their new terms at noon on Jan. 20. Because that date fell this year on a Sunday -- a day on which inaugural ceremonies historically are not held -- organizers scheduled a second, public swearing-in for Monday.
  2. I wonder if he will swear to uphold the constitution or will it be two two days of shuckin and Jivin? No doubt parallels will be drawn between Obama and MLK, Jr. since the televised inauguration is taking place on MLK, Jr. day. What about the costs for taxpayers of those inaugural balls. Their Hawaiian vacations have already cost us dearly.
  3. After all the vile and racist hatred from the right our President has endured and officially begins his second term.Godspeed Mr President
  4. Nothing costs us as dearly as our last republican president coming into office with a balanced budget and leaving with a trillion dollar deficit
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    And this is worthy of it's own thread, really?

  6. Victim mentality here we go again. Race is not even an issue anymore, compared to times past. Instead people zero in on his
    agenda, which by the way, he trys to further by using the race card himself.
  7. The President of The United States officially beginning his second term I'd say Yes.If you don't like my threads put me on ignore
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    LOL, you'd start a thread on breaking news of him wiping ass.
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    Victim mentality here we go again.