Barack Obama, Mr. Empty Suit

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  1. You forgot to mention that Gerald Warner is an idiot who has been described as a "psychotic Uber Tory of the old school." He likes Sarah Palin. No further commentary is required.
  2. That's not what he's saying. Read the second paragraph again.
  3. Here's Gerald Warner's second to last paragraph and thesis statement:

    "The most powerful nation on earth is confronting its worst economic crisis under the leadership of its most extremely liberal politician, who has virtually no experience of federal politics. That is not an opportunity but a catastrophe."

    I would suggest that anyone who appoints Robert Gates, Jim Jones, and Eric Shinseki to Defense Department positions is not extremely liberal as Warner claims, and moreover, having "virtually no experience in Federal politics" is actually a GOOD thing in this day and age.
  4. Limeys should stay on their side of the pond. This is as absurd as reading a treatise on British politics written by Rush Limbaugh.
  5. Agreed!
  6. And I wonder who helped bring that about.
  7. So the Obama defenders defense is that British people should shut up?

    Please Obama defenders, give us reasons and specific historical pieces of evidence that make you think Obama actually has a deep understanding about the economy.
  8. ???????????????
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