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  1. Iranians are natural negotiators. They immediately accepted the implicit concessions offered by Obama and demanded more.

    They will be happy to negotiate the terms of our surrender until they build some nukes, then they will start offering us ultimata.

    The deal to be offered--return to normal status--is of little interest to the thugs ruling Iran. It would weaken them. They will seriously negotiate only if their hold on power is threatened.
  2. Anyone with a brain in his head and a regard for human life will begin, and hopefully end, with diplomacy.
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    Anyone heard if the Iranians are getting any of our "stimulus package"?

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    You chewing on an olive branch again Dawg?
  5. It tastes better than a stick of dynamite, which can cause cavities.
  6. Provided you are willing to see Iran with nuclear weapons. That is the devil's bargain facing Obama.