Barack Obama is tearing this country apart.

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  2. its the republicans that are causing the problem. they are convinced that if they throw a roadblock in front of every campaign promise obama made they can win back the majority. so they dig in their heals and say no.
    the supreme court hearings where a perfect example. they spent weeks warning that she was a disaster for america but during the hearings they had nothing. she made them look like fools.
  3. this surprises who?

    Obama is an ideologue, and his ideology is the antithesis of everything this country has stood for...

    you know ... land of opportunity, home of the brave, etc ...

    we are now instructed... "WE ARE A NATION OF COWARDS"

    fuckin leftists

  4. LOL
  5. this video shows how the republicans are a tool for corporations.
  6. Gee, I wonder why. Early in Obama's Presidency, Obama told them that they had no say in anything because he won. Now that is how bring to bi-partisanship to Washington. One of his campaign promises was to bring bi-partisanship back, and he violated that on Day One. The Dems have a big majority in the House and 60 votes in the Senate so they need zero support from the Republicans to pass anything. As such, it is laughable that you think Obama is breaking campaign promises because the republicans are blocking his agenda. I guess Obama supporters will believe anything.

    This one is an even bigger head scratcher. Please cite examples of republicans calling her "a disaster for america". Now the Obama people are whining because the opposition party scrutinized a Supreme Court Nominee. Wow, that has never happened before in American history. I know, lets all just follow his every word and not question a thing.
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    It was so much different when Bush was pres, right? Dems in congress were so agreeable! lol
  8. so far he is trying to keep his promises even though republicans do everything in their power to throw up roadblocks. health care reform will be tough. the republicans are bought and paid for by the insurance lobby and are very effective at scaring people with misinformation. when you have a whole news channel,plus the many right wing talk shows dedicated 24/7 to bashing obama you have a loud voice.
  9. bush got everything he asked for to fund his war.
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    The republicans had nothing? She made them look like fools?

    The reality is that <b>even liberal law professors acknowledged she was lying</b>.

    Louis Michael Seidman, a liberal professor of constitutional law: "Sotomayor is a Lying Coward."
    Quite a number of google search results for it, too, if you care to check. :D That's how she "made them look like fools".:D
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