Barack Obama conclusively outed as CIA creation

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    Well that would explain why the republican party never delved too deep into his non birth.
  2. The "directed" left/right two party paradigm is filled with "rigged" minions!
  3. All that from the Freedom of Information Act. What no black marker? I'll bet the authors are donating all the proceeds to charity.
  4. To this day.....still NO VAULT ORIGINAL birth certificate has yet been shown to the public, and this does not even go into all the NEW info for his Passport and Selective Service registration form (that one is a mess.....LOL!!!!!).

    BTW, how about ALL his student aid forms and college transcripts not yet released (all sealed at this time....of course, what a fricking scam minion fall guy they put in office this round.....sheeeesh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

    *** "State Dept. confirms Obama dual citizen" ***

    *** "How many names does the president have?" ***

    *** "Yes, Obama's eligible for president, in Kenya!" ***

    *** "No birth certificate among passport documents" ***

    Even a 1st grader can determine there was NO WAY in HELL barry soetoro was born in Hawaii......not even a one in a million chance!

    Also, look at his families background dealings........his world traveling parents sure did find themselves in a lot of OPS!!!

    "Bombshell: Barack Obama conclusively outed as CIA creation"