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    can anyone point me in the direction of charting software that will allow me to graphicly select bars and combine them. For example i would like to take the last 19 bars of a 1 minute chart (the last trend) combine them into one bar to see the volume/ticks that occurred in that trend. this would be so i can compare it to the prior 26 bars (prior trend) and compare that with the prior 8 bars (trend before that). in a perfect world i would be able to accumulate these varying content bars/trends on the left side of my chart. while the current trend forms on the right

    i know i can change from an 19 minute to 26 minute chart but i guess im looking for a dynamic bar chart.

    am i just being needy. is it out there. i use NT for charting.
    i guess i can open a window/chart for each trend, but what a pain

  2. You can start your search right here.

    Investor RT Multiple Time Frames

    Most traders who use this concept usually pull-up more than one chart to do their analysis, but you're going to have to do a lot of work and experimentation before you find exactly what you want.

    Good Luck