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    My journalist friend is wondering if there are any traders bars in NYC, and Chicago (i.e., one bar or restaurant many traders frequently gather over there). He want to get to know more about their life and probably write a article.

    If you know such bars, please name them. Thanks in advance.
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    I need to find a bar of this type for networking purposes
  3. Ceres at the cbot.

    Blarney stone in nyc used to, but not too much anymore.

    Your dillemma is unless you pretty much know them, and are accepted into their group, they aren't going to talk much to you. And, they absolutely HATE to be grilled about trading after they leave the pit.
  4. Johnny's Fish & Grill -- mostly NYMEX traders, there early around 3:00 ish.

    Grill Room -- Likely some ML, Lehman guys , mainly IB types, but you'll overhear some traders

    Both WFC North Tower; 250 Vesey St NYC

    Ulysses - all the way down Maiden Lane , near South Street seaport - NYC; Goldman hangout

    Also a great bet is the WFC - Colgate ferry line...while waiting for the boat - you will overhear many trading converstions -- guys carrying chart books/ position sheets , mostly Oil traders, but you may run into NY specs, and other market types

    And don't forget Jersey City ..

    Lighthorse Tavern -- Washington Avenue -- many FX dealers from Prebon , mostly all Brit,all loaded, and all loaded :)

    Merchant, Grove Street, you will usually run into guys from Pershing across the street, and possibly some guys from MS

    Also good bets are bars around 525 Washington Ave, like Dorrians.
  5. How about Bar's that play Music...Jazz...Regge..combo's not big.. nice ambiance doesn't need to be a trader bar just someplace to relax near the Amalfi hotel? (in Chicago)
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    Jazz Showcase is 2 blocks away
  7. I hear that floor traders are always talking fondly about a place called Elbow Room. They just can't seem to get enough of it.
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    The best place in Chicago to talk to traders is the Manhole. Great drink specials too!
  9. Hmm. I find that name vaguely disturbing, especially if traders go there to discuss backtesting.
  10. so far I've googled Manhole bar (Chicago) is that if your interested in a quiet place to talk then this gay bar is not it with porn on the walls...I think we'll be passing on that (I'm planning on being with my daughter:eek: )

    Elbo room looks too big...

    any other's?
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