Bar charts with 3 minute moving avg (5 and 15 pd)

Discussion in 'Trading' started by AnonTrader, Apr 3, 2002.

  1. i read bout this in the book by jea yu...i dont know the guy nor am i part of the company so this isnt any sales pitch but....

    it actually worked most of the time...especially the part where it states that the farther the stock is from its support/resistance line, the large the retracement will be....this may be common sense for most people but i found it helpful to see it visually...does anyone else have any other tips and other stuff i can use to help my trading?
    (my trading software sucks so all i can have is MA on my charts)

  2. So can we help you?
  3. Fitz


    ...then get a different charting platform.
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