Banning The Dreaded "M" Word

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  1. Good thing Michael Richard's didn't attempt an Al Jolson put down.....

    MIAMI, Nov. 25 (UPI) -- A Florida town is investigating charges that the white town manager called her black assistant a "mammy."

    Bonilyn Wilbanks-Free of Golden Beach allegedly compounded the problem by saying in an attempted apology that she loves Aunt Jemima, The Miami Herald reported.

    Barbara Tarasenko, the assistant, told the newspaper that her grandmother worked as a caretaker for white children and that the town manager's comments made her feel like she had been "kicked in the stomach."

    The town attorney recommended hiring an outside consultant to investigate the incident, saying that the manager's comments, if they were as reported, could open Golden Beach to legal action.

    "As most everyone knows, a Mammy' (including Aunt Jemima) is a derogatory persona invented by whites to represent the black female servant," Councilwoman Camille Colella-Battista said in a memo to her colleagues. "The mammy epitomizes servility with exceptionally natural cheerfulness. For many blacks, this sort of sentiment is as ridiculous and demeaning as any pickaninny."
  2. God (and the Dems) forbid the term "Chicken George" ever be uttered in public again.
  3. wow... Democrats are as powerful as God... I guess the butt kicking they did makes the sore losers feel that way :)