Banning Shorts!!

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  1. The regulators in the UK just banned any new short positions of financial sector stocks.

    This is insane! You can't be the referee and change the rules in the middle of the game instantaneously in the middle of a play.

    Most traders use some form of shorting as part of an overall trading strategy.

    Is this not a crime... Interfering, manipulating the locking down a free market.

    Uptick rule.. ok.. maybe..
    Naked shorts.. ok i get it..
    Can't short period...
    Means the price can only go up or stay flat right?
    Suppose price can go down through liquidations of upside down holders at a much higher price than what the true fair market value of the equity to be. Who is really protected here? Creditors? Counter Party?

    Slowing down the market is interfering... What are they going to do next insititute "Market Rewind"" "Time Outs" "Do Overs" "Get out of jail Free cards".

    All risks are fully disclosed and all players are sophisticated. If they bankrupt themselves for what ever reason... Tough
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  3. Don't fight the regulators, it doesn't matter if they are right or wrong.

    Why be "right" and lose money?
  4. Understood... and we play on...

    Government mid day interference and manipulation of the free markets. If the US follows suit they in effect have frozen the market so creditors have time to liquidate upside down parties for a premium.

    Total BS...

    The regulators are basketball referees calling Jordan Rules..

    No he didn't exactly double dribble, travel or walk... he was hacked... Foul... Foul... Foul... and Jordan's off to the free throw line....
  5. Maybe the next step is that all quotes must be at least at the same level as the quote before - or more. A kind of paradise :)
    I thought this would only be possible in east-europe - 20 years ago, not now.....
  6. Link?
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    Do a search on Google News.