Banning Illegal immigrants? Wouldnt that destroy the US economy

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Would the economy collapse without illegal immigrants?

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  1. the US economy depends on illegal immigrants? If you ban them or prevent them from working in the US, wouldnt the economy collape. Everything from hilton holtels to tyson foods depend on illegals. not to mention the entire agriculture sector. So heres my question, would the economy collapse without illegal immigrants.
  2. oh no... say it aint soo....

    what am I going to do without my strawberries AND I have to mow my own lawn???

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  3. Banning immigrants would, banning Illegal immigrants would not!

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    We've had problems with imigrants ever since we got here.

    Yes, I know but it makes you think. :D


    Worry bags not game
  5. Not sure I understand why you need to ban illegal immigrants. They are here illegally. Doesn't the law technically already ban them? It is just not enforced...

  6. Is this as funny as I think it is?
  7. The notion that banning illegal immigrants would cause the economy to collapse is ridiculous. We don't depend on them for the progression of our economy. They are mearly filling jobs that others would fill if they weren't there. It's frustrating when people try to make a case for allowing illegals to stay by saying that we can't function without them.

    That said.. I'm all for immigrants coming and finding work, paying taxes, and contributing to society. I don't care where they are coming from, or what jobs they are seeking. Globalization is a good thing, and this is part of it. These workers do assist is trade specialization.

    Of course our economy would be strong without them. It is also strong with them. So it isn't a matter of economy collapse if they were banned. It is a question of how the economy will change. The way I see it, the major impact is that of inflation and the value of the U.S. dollar. Those who step up and fill the jobs that illegals leave behind might initially want to be paid more for the same work. If they do indeed recieve higher pay then inflation jumps. The big question is whether legal citizens will work for the same pay.

    In any case, the economy will adjust regardless and the worst that would happen is a relatively short period of either higher inflation or higher number of "poor" families.
  8. no because it's unenforcable
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    Illegals would expect to be fairly compensated for the work they do right now they accept the pay because they do not want to be sent back to there country but at the end of the day as soon as the illegals are made citizens they will launch massive walkouts to get pay and health benifits.

    they will cause a problem when they become citizens and add to that the people who do not want these jobs as dish washers and what not will fill them once the pay goes up.
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