Banks with challenge - response: secure device banking

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    Anyone know of banks with RSA or Secure Computing type challenge/response devices being used?

    I know HSBC U.S. small business has them. Anyone else?
  2. Does it need to be a US bank?
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  6. It will be required soon .. there is a new regulation coming down the pike......

    I am actually very surprized this has not been implemented by all banks/brokerages. It is realtively simple to implement in a cross platform way that will run across $soft, Linux, Unix, etc.

    Our companies have been using this technology for years as have most global corporations. Banks /brokerages have not used it because they want to save money but really it is not that difficult to do ... a single person could handle this for even a very large enterprise from coding to rollout .....
  7. Quite a few private banking operations use them, as far as I know, JP Morgan Private Bank uses them, US Trust launched a pilot a couple of years ago (before the Schwab buy), and Harris Private Bank piloted as well. This is just in the US, I am not sure about Europe.