banks to charge 3 bucks a month for storing money.

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  1. JamesL


    Pay everything with a credit/charge card and then pay that off. Spend on the ccard what you would have on the debit card. Last year my wife and I spent enough on our Amex that they were basically paying us to use it (rewards points, etc) plus fee waived. And I got a perverse pleasure knowing that the vendor was getting hit for 3% on every purchase.
  2. i take a nice vacation every year thanks to my rewards credit card.
  3. Eight


    You can negotiate purchase prices with retailers sometimes. Get the card out then ask them for a cash discount..
  4. Lowes offers 5% off if you use their cc.
  5. When you don't lend, you have to replace interest income with fee income.
  6. 20 years ago maybe. Nowadays, you just morph into a highly leveraged hedge fund with the taxpayer as a backstop.