BANKS, Its getting hard to find a safe one

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  1. HI All

    A few months ago I closed my account at National City Bank when I found out they were going bad. I did some research and placed my savings in another bank. At the time the bank was making 2 bucks a share and its stock price was around 28 bucks. Now its losing over 8 bucks a share and the stock price is a lil over two. I suggest checkin up on your bank. Dont depend on Uncle Sham to look out for yahs!!
  2. The fed funds rate is at 0%. How can all the banks be going under? Since banks are technically insolvent under a fractional reserve system, all I can think of is that the fed is letting them fail. I just can't seem to understand why the fed doesn't just change the reserve requirement. Unless, there's an ultimate goal in letting these banks fail.
  3. have you tried a credit union?
  4. Invest in the canadian owned banks.
  5. GO LOCO....I mean local! :D

    Do business with local bank/credit union where you can go see the OWNERS first hand face to face if needed. :cool:
  6. I use rabobank and HSBC and consider as gold.:)
  7. Thanks ... that's a great reference tool.


  9. I am trusting the swiss banks, these guys are loaded and regulated well
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