Banks Getting Tax Payer Money, Then Screwing The Tax Payers

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  1. Banks are screwing just about everyone by lowering limits. By doing this it throws your debt to available credit out of whack causing your credit score to plummet.

    This works in there favor because then they can raise you rate because they do what’s called a re-score, PRESTO!

    Here is what is so wrong. The banks can’t run there business, so they get tax payer help. Then they turn around and put the screws to the tax payers who are bailing them out.

    This is just criminal yet congress lets them screw us. Barak Obama not going to help Americans, all them promises he made were just to get elected. Now he will jump in bed with the whores who run this country.
  2. I'm sorry but anyone actually upset at this fact is a fucking retard. It's standard procedure for any mainstream politician. Did you honestly expect anything different?

    Personally, I feel that the people should refuse to pay federal taxes, at least those who are opposed to the bailout.
  3. If we could get 50 Million people onboard with that, it could have an impact...
  4. It has become quite apparent that Barry is bush lite with a tan.

    Americans are f***ed royally. Again.

    The problem is most don't have a clue that the white house and BOTH political parties take orders from a foreign capital.

    americans are too busy stuffing their loud mouths with junk food, watching hollyweird and the tellytubbies and reading the useless rags that all have the same opinion-as-"news" garbage.

    If they were educated as to who runs their affairs, there would be a viable 3rd party by now.
  5. I thought that you were building a big fence to keep the latinos out.

  6. The poor hard worker has to make extra efforts and take risks to get a meal....
  7. sometimes the worker gets into a bind and is waiting for some help
  8. not always is the help what it seems - this time the worker gets done over properly
  9. That's a good one. When you think about it, there are plenty of people who don't pay taxes so in a "way" they have already cast their vote against the bailout.:D
  10. exactamente mi amigo.

    The attitude down here is why encourage the little buggers to steal and stuff-up with tax money when they were voted in to lead.

    And so we have sent 20M disciples north of the border to show you the way.

    Look at the Thais

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