Banks and "Large" transfers

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  1. bookish


    I don't really like the idea of having a single large (millions) wire transfer come in to a bank account.

    I also don't like the idea of splitting it up to different banks, lest the sender get confused.

    Anyone have much experience with this? What are your suggestions?

    Good ways to cut taxes?
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  2. zdreg


    Your post is too vague to deserve a reply, other than to get a good accountant.
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  3. speedo


    Those transferring millions do not ask advice from anonymous forums populated liberally with fools and trolls.
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  4. Feel free to transfer it into my account. I'll make sure it gets through safely.
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    Do not trust the Kenya king Tut Tut Quinwa he ripped me off. The other Kenyan one is good though, waiting for his wire ;)
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    I want one of those big doobies that the OP is smoking. :cool:

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  7. Just fill out the treasury form 8300 if its cash...a wire no problem. Don't split it up to can still get seized.
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    Could you imagine flexing this hard on a trader forum.

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  9. traider


    bitcoin has solved all your problems!
    or monero if you are dark
  10. bookish


    Did you hear the story about the guy that told a nigerian scammer to go screw, but it turned out it was not a scammer and the guy lost out?
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