banks and brokers saying thank you taxpayer

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    goldman and wells fargo are having a combined taxpayer funded party and laughing like hell at the sucker tax payer. This has to be the biggest injustice ever as they took taxpayer money and trickery of accounting rules to show profits and get there stocks up. shame on ipeople for buying there stock
  2. How did the taxpayers lose if they are paid back with interest?
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    Have the taxpayers been paid back?
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    One of my banks sent me a letter thanking me for the bailout and asking me to bend over once again. OUCH!
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    Fuck the tarp which may or may not be paid back. I'm talking about the trillions the gov't used to pump up bac,cit and buy all the bad paper and treasury's to push down rates so the banks can make money. so yes it is future tax payer money that is being used so the banks can profit.
  6. And after the party they're going to the numerous strip clubs which proliferate NYC and having the time of their lives ... all on the taxpayer dime! :p

    Your tax dollars at work. :D
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    Don't forget about the inflationary cost that is coming down the road all while GS's stock will be well north of $200.
  8. Banks had MEGA profits from AIG payouts as well as sale of AIG assets WAY below market.

    Sell AIG assets to WFC GS BAC C JPM @ way below market value = poof! Instant profits!

    Taxpayers take it up the ass once again as AIG is currently 80% owned by us.

    What a sham.
  9. One may find these earnings announcements from banks disturbing. Either they did not need money from government, or the earnings may not be an accurate representation of reality. Either case, should they not be grilled on the hill just to make sure to have them on record. Where is Congress?
  10. This is exactly what is going on. But the problem is, I believe it, but at the same time I am sedated for fear of being called a ridiculous conspiracy theorist.

    What is the problem with America? The facts are on the paper. Admire human nature at work, as we glorify the bankers on a pedestal. We put them above greed, above self-interest. Aren't they just human? They are just humans who have tasted luxury. A teenager doesn't get an M3 for his sixteenth birthday only to settle for a Toyota Camry for his fortieth--not if he has the means for a Bugatti.
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