Bankruptcy trend among small firms stuns lenders

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    Bankruptcy trend among small firms stuns lenders.

    Article published October 21, 2009

    Bankruptcy trend among small firms stuns lenders


    Recent bankruptcy filings by small U.S. businesses show a trend that could complicate lenders' efforts to identify at-risk borrowers, a study reveals.

    PayNet Inc., which provides analytic tools to the commercial credit industry, looked at 750 small business bankruptcy filers and found 50 percent were current with one or more of their lenders when they sought protection from their creditors.

    "Approximately half the lenders never saw it coming," PayNet President Bill Phelan said. "They were blindsided."

    The 750 companies PayNet studied collectively owed $58 million in loans, leases, and lines of credit - a tiny fraction of the 100,000 small businesses that PayNet said have filed for bankruptcy over the past year with an estimated $10 billion in obligations outstanding.

    But the speed and silence with which many went under is worrying to lenders, who historically have managed default risk by closely monitoring delinquencies.

    However, some borrowers refuse to telegraph their distress before they throw in the towel. "They pay and pay and pay," Mr. Phelan said, "and then they file for bankruptcy."
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    makes it easier.

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  3. The only companies going bankrupt are the ones that made poor business decisions.
  4. Wow that has to rank up there with “mission accomplished” as one of the stupidest things ever said.
  5. Agreed.
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    ultimate blame rests with the "something for nothing" ethic that gives us the whore politicians that we get.

    Human nature does not change.
  7. The only companies going bankrupt are the ones that made poor business decisions.

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  8. This actually is a good thing as small businesses represent the market's inefficienies. Large companies with their economies of scale can provide goods and services at a lower cost basis than small businesses.
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    not quite true, not everything is in terms of $ & cts, small biz provides creative products that don't exist in big biz, also big biz once they becomes the "monopoly" starts raising prices
  10. krazykarl and convertability seem to be in a competition for the most ignorant post award.
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