Bankruptcy filings increase...

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  1. CNN Headline News, Wed, Mar5th, 3:50pm Est.

    February 2008 saw over 18% increase over January 2008 filings

    • more than 4,000 per day on average,
    • all over the US, not isolated to one or two regions,
    • filings include personal, business, etc, not just individuals,
    • filings increase inspite of more restrictive change in bankruptcy laws...

    where is Larry Kudlow of CNBC to tout that this is the best economy ever in US history, and the story that is not being told? Usually he says something very close to that in his preludes.

    so is this what conservatism really means?
  2. empee


    Yoyo economy.. your on your own!
  3. When will the US government default on its bond payments?
  4. We've got about ten years before that comes to play. Right when Medicare and Social Security force a default.
  5. I try to avoid political discussions so as to preserve my independence from biased views and preserve my ability to short / hedge / spread and trade either side as a trade shows up....

    but under these conditions this is where Economics and Politics overlap and it seems like one is discussing either topic...

    so, one expression comes to mind: 4 more years!

  6. and to think, that during our lifetimes, we actually:

    retired the 30yr TBond debt

    raised the overall value of the US Dollar

    had the 30yr TBond brought back again

    talking about defaulting on them all.....
  8. empee


    US will never default, just print more money
  9. hey,

    it worked the last time they did this to us all.....
  10. When are we going to use US$ instead of firewood for fire?

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