Bankruptcy and U4

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  1. Looking to get registered in the all fifty states and territories, so I need some advice for the start of 2011:

    Has anyone with a bankruptcy (chapter 7) in his/her past ever had any trouble getting registered in the 50 states and US territories? I have been told that Michigan and Florida are very stringent, and that the "smaller" states will withhold one's registration if Michigan does not approve his\her securities license.

    How might student loans from my undergraduate and graduate degrees affect my registration?

    How might an average credit score affect my registration?

  2. Contact the compliance officer of the firm to get the correct answer or contact the states in question (Michigan and FL) state Securities dept and find out.

    I know traders who are with firms that require a U4 who have filed BK before. It happens to even the best people

    Most of the time firms are worried about felonies, fraud issues, customer compliants etc

    the Series 63 is a state exam so this may be an issue as well.

    Non to less call the compliance officer directly and just tell them your situation.