bankrupt your cyber acct in only 30 days

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by ghostzapper, Apr 4, 2007.

Did volente try his hardest to win subscriptions here?

  1. Yes absolutely

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  2. No, he wasn't in it for subscriptions

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  1. blast19


    Yep, he also does his best to bullshit his way through arguments he knows nothing about. 2 big thumbs up for this post after he had the last one erased! :D
  2. Oh yes, no doubt volente cried and got the other thread moved.

    Can you imagine if the moron had 1/2 a brain and quit cyber trading when he was up ? And then came back to ET !! We never, ever would have heard the end of it.
  3. Is this a joke?
  4. volente_00


    Hey girls,

    Why are you scared to take my bet ?

  5. Good question. No, its no joke. And volentes responses tonite are no joke either! Its bad enough to blow out your cyber acct in only 30 days, but its worse when you try to spin it as if you succeeded.

    Hey, i went to Vegas last month and was up 50K on the first night !! Let's see you all top that! (I lost it all and another $100K the next night but thats when I was drunk so it doesn't count)
  6. I also ran a 10K marathon and was leading for the first mile. Can any of you top that? After that, I faded from exhaustion and did not finish, but I was in front for a mile suckers !!
  7. I also played in the WSOP last year and was the chips leader for the first day. Can any of you do that ?? (then I blew out on 3 stupid hands and finished w/o cashing), but it was those 3 dumb hands where i didn't follow my own rules so it doesn't count.
  8. you have posted 17 times in one day about volente who is the stocker again rubberbird?
  9. volente_00


    It's all good, I am use to those who are envious of the excellence that they can't reach.

    I'm just wondering why they are scared to take my challenge ?
    #10     Apr 4, 2007