Banking Sector: Analyst Meredith Whitney

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by Landis82, Mar 17, 2008.

  1. Has this gal been right on the money or what?

    She hangs her "hat" at Oppenheimer and has been SPOT ON in regards to this sector for the past 9 months!

    She was interviewed on CNBC earlier today and it was one of the most informative interviews on CNBC in ages, literally ages!

    CNBC Video interview
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    I happened to catch this one of her today (don't watch CNBC often). It was so good, I kept waiting for them to cut her off and go to a commercial break. It literally must have been the longest interview on CNBC for quite some time.

    I like her!
  3. She's long some of the stocks she mentioned.
  4. She said today that Lehman is in no trouble. That goes against what the rest of the world/markets seems to think. CNBC shows disclosure if the analyst/brokerage is holding a position. It showed that Oppenheimer is LONG LEH.
    I wonder if she is full of it on her defense of Lehman due to her firms position.
  5. Does she still stand by her $8 Citi call?
  6. She said tangible book value for Citi is $8.
  7. If the CDS crisis comes to roost, she's on the money. If the fed entirely averts a recession/defaults, then it goes the other way.
  8. Well it seems she was wrong about BSC, her later comments at least. Good analysis nonetheless but I do not see why everyone seems so enthused over it.