Banking for the wandering trader

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    What if we were free to trade from anywhere we could get an internet connection.We could visit countries such as Brazil,Thailand and Italy.What would be the best way for us to get the cash we need for our daily expenses.We dont want to carry large sums of cash but we dont want to be vulnerable to credit card fraud.I have an account at Interactive Brokers and I have their secure transaction gizmo so I assume I can now have funds transferred to any bank anywhere.But still there will be wire fees,delays,currency conversion ripoffs etc.Perhaps it is still best to operate through a credit card.How would you do it?How would you set things up?What would be your "base" currency?I invite discussion of any aspect of financing longer term stays in foreign countries.

  2. debit visa card linked with swiss account.


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    Thanks,interesting site.$300 consultancy fee.I wonder what the account fees might be.

  4. fees vary from bank to bank depending on your balance, etc.

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    Get offshore accounts with a major bank, and have a debit card linked to your current account.
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    So would you say that bank fees for these offshore accounts are comparable to "regular" account fees?If you get a Swiss account do they pay you interest on your deposits same as what a Swiss citizen would get?