Bankers at Goldman are buying guns to protect themselves.

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  1. Same thing was happening in the 30s Read the out of print book called "The invisible scar" It is very detailed. The best great depression book out there.

    Strange that it is out of print and only a handful for sale.
  2. cannot believe that was a bloomberg article - rambling, disjointed, weak...
  3. rumour has it that the carnage will spread north, all the way thru canada. gabfly was recently seen at the magistrates registration office handling paperwork for a ruger super redhawk in .454 casull

    nice choice
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    Cool. I would not have thought of that. Guess its not in me. A dog, like a Doberman or something scary, but not a gun. I surely would end up doing the Plaxico thing. Like the Entourage boys. They got a gun and thought they were so cool. Drama said I know my way around weapons, then it went off and blew out the back door. They decided to get rid of it. Then again, not too many GS partners are stoners I guess.


  5. The gadfly plague with a weapon? The end is surely nigh.
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    and the article is based upon a friend of a friend comment.......come on. Such great news sources these days
  7. Just ordered one from Amazon. Friend has one and refused to part with it.
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    Can you imagine the opportunity for Goldman spinoff right now. Some of Goldman's connections without having to walk into a room and say Goldman Sachs is my banker.

    Goldman may be is step away from becoming unwanted.

    I play golf with a guy who once sold a company to bankers who took the company public. This guy knows the top guys in tech - really top.

    He is working on a new venture - he just raised money and had no intention of working with Goldman. In the past guys like him always wanted to bring goldman in because it gave them a necessary imprimatur.

    I figured it was not a big enough deal for Goldman to really care. But after reading this article - I suspect that is happening at all levels.

    Goldman could become the scarlet tombstone.
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    they've been increasing insurance coverage on their homes starting 1.5 years ago. (not just gs)
    my friends are agents for the "first choice" or gold standard of the business. no bs
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