Bankergate, Geithner, and the Fed......"How the West is Run"

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  1. "Bankergate".........

    Ron Paul comments on "Bankergate"........

    Of course Geithner comes directly from the NY Branch of the criminal syndicate Federal Reserve. Remember now, Geithner said auditing the Fed is, "a line we don't want to cross"...........

    No $hit Geithner.....of course you don't want the Amercian Citizenry to SEE the realities of all your crimes!!!
  2. achilles28


    Was there any doubt? Ever?

    Some traders on this site are beyond Naive.

    Sheep to the Slaughter.

    Keep posting, man !
  3. Humpy


    Just goes to prove my assertion that :-

    the heartless coerce the mindless with the cooperation of the gutless
  4. Speaking of the heartless, the mindless and the gutless...

    It's kinda difficult to appreciate a sick sense of humor in this wee hour of the night, but please don't forget those ball-less folks. You know who you are.
  5. mikasa


    unless you got 50 million Americans demanding real change

    You got nothing

    You'll never get anything because You'll NEVER HAVE 50 MILLION PEOPLE UNDERSTANDING COMPLEX ISSUES

    N E V E R

    people are mindless automatons, always were, always will be
  6. Humpy


    Although I have stuck up for the poor a bit on this website ( largely made up of Right wing rich peolple ), I dont intend to waste my money/time in their cause too much. They are generally a bad investment.

    The caring sharing left wing has been largely torpedoed by the false prophets of Karl Marx, Lenin etc. in the USA and elsewhere imho

    However just because they didn't get it quite right and the poor generally don't give a stuff about anybody, there is no need to completely abandon the cause of happiness for the majority rather than just for the greedy selfish minority.

    Remember the bit about happiness in the Dec. of Independence ?
  7. Humpy


    If there had been a financial retribution ( fines ) for the people responsible for the financial crisis, then those responsible would probably have taken more care.

    The present system, where the guilty get more huge bonuses, just stinks. Either the politicians are partners in this rip off or too gutless to do much more than make a bit of hot air noises.

    Personally I would like to see them on the minimum wage until the crisis is over !!