Bank stocks C and BAC and all bank stocks

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by tradersboredom, Mar 2, 2009.

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    Lots of value in these stocks for long term investors like who want to invest for 10 years.

    Since Gov't is buying shares or converting preferred shares to common, i doubt it will file for chapter 11.

    why can't the gov't just buy all the common shares in the open market. instead of diluting shars via preferred buying in the open market will bring some confidence to the bank's customers.

    i can't believe that shorts of financials would start fears of bank runs. it's illegal to make rumours of bank runs if it's no true.

    bank runs can make a bank become insolvent as there is not enough cash from customer deposits to pay cash withdrawals.

    it's like selling your company to a millionaire that has lots of c ash.

    i doubt the gov't will let a company like C or BAC fail just because it can't make payments on interest or make payments on dividends etc.
  2. I think I read that BAC made it's first tarp repayment a week or two ago for what that is worth.