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    Trying to rebuild house after destroyed by tree in Hurricane Irene. Insurance co. has guaranteed funds but PNC Bank wants to recall a mortgage for half that amount. There is a deterioration of property clause but this was an Act of God. Anybody knowledgeable on this?
  2. The second you mentioned PNC I had a feeling this wasn't going to be good. Any company that acquires National City has lost all respect in my book.
  3. Are they saying they want half the money the insurance company is paying and then you have clear title to the property? And if so, how does that compare to the balance on the mortgage?
  4. Hire a kid to stand outside your branch or better yet their headquarters or regional headquarters with a sign headlining in under 15 words how you are getting screwed.

    It works wonders. Social media can get a result as well. I know longer deal with big $$ customer service issues in life any other way. They end up paying your expenses as well. They simply cannot take the heat.
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    Right, about 1/2, but that leaves me with less $ than is needed to rebuild house. Can they legally do this ( I have reached out to attorney's), waiting for answer.
    Is a mortgage legally binding between both parties or can they nullify their side?
  6. If you want to win this next year continue to approach it as YOUR legal problem. If you want to win this next week make it THEIR public relations problem.

    I sympathize with the bind your in that is why I have said essentially the same thing twice. I won't bore you with a third post. Good luck!!

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    Thanks Swan Noir, there's a possibility I could get some publicity as Govenor Christie personally and publicly honored the first responders who rescued our family.
  8. OK ... I will bore you with a third post. Hire a teenager to walk up and down in front of their branch or office. Make sure he has your number on a piece of paper to give to the bank officer that tries to convince him to leave. If he tells the bank officer he is not leaving until you tell him to you will get a call and then, do not pull the kid. You pull the kid when they tell you you win.

    You spend maybe $100. You win quick and get your house back. Do not wait for TV segment producers to be "nice" to you. Go beat the bank up where it counts ... right in front of the door where their customers walk in and out. F*** 'em where they breathe!!!