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  1. this may be a long shot, but i was offered a position at bank one securities and was wondering if anyone out there has any experience in working for them... ive heard mixed opinins, on the negative people say there is a "big brother" aspect to them and there expectations are obnoxiuous... of course this is prob true of a lot of institutuions and banks, particularly to myself who has been self employed for 6 years. any feeedback is appreciated, feel free to PM me.
  2. Was not aware that Bank One had a Securities Division, what is it Discount or Full Service?
  3. its basically like most retail banks out there, a mid-discount:
    not quite full service (no research but all products) but not no service discount either, commisions somewhere in between...
  4. I use BankOne...

    After trading, I go downstairs of the building branch and do all the necessary bank stuff.
  5. really?!? you pay full rack with bank1 to trade? you must be more of an investor, otherwise if youy actively trade you could save a lot on commissions by going discount...

  6. I think he was saying he does his banking business with BankOne and not his trading.
  7. i hope for his sake he does
  8. :)

    Banking only
  9. Would imagine that you would need it.
  10. i dont, but dont need one even though i am manging a team, but the way its strucutered its not neccesary
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