bank of japan or just the market sentiments

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  1. the recent fall in the major bourses across the world can be attributed to the overall market corrections or is it an after effect of the boj's actions???
  2. BOJ has been taking huge amounts of liquidity out of the global capital market.
    In the last 2 months, the bank has taken almost 16 trn yen, or about $140 bn in cash deposits out of the country's banks. The country's money supply has fallen by almost 10%. The BOJ isn't finished pumping out the liquidity that it had pumped in. That should take a few more months. And when it is finished, the Bank of Japan is expected to start raising short-term interest rates.
    these might just worsen the scenario
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  4. not just an after-effect since anticipations also play a big role but yeah, when the BoJ starts taking measures to gradually end the reign of free money as we've known it for so many years, its bound to have an impact...
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