Bank Of Japan: economy has 'begun to stop worsening'

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  1. TOKYO (MarketWatch) -- The Bank of Japan raised its assessment of economic conditions Tuesday for a second time this year, acknowledging that economic conditions have "begun to stop worsening." The central bank's monetary policy board also kept its interest-rate target at the current 0.1% level, as had been widely expected. "Domestic private demand has continued to weaken," the central bank said at the conclusion of its two-day policy meeting. But "exports and production have begun to turn upward, and public investment has also increased." Japan's Nikkei 225 was down 2.6% immediately following the BOJ announcement, amid a regionwide sell-off

    I think, that´s a buy signal for Japanese equities...
  2. There are still folks buying and holding Japanese equities??? LOL:D :D :D
  3. :D
  4. Pascal


    Sell signal in my opinion.
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    Ah the "less bad"
    Japanese are behind the curve, we have been eating that line for 3 months now.
  6. Japanese are going to load up US treasury; and trashing yen at same time. Oil is going through the roof. :D