Bank of Canada - Recession is over, growth returning to economy

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  1. Rising loonie poses a problem, however. Any FOREX junkies care to enlighten me on a USD/CAD prediction through the end of 2009?
  2. Time/price predictions can be many things. Enlightening is probably not one of them.
  3. True enough. But still fun to ponder nonetheless.
  4. The strength of Canada's economy comes from being a net exporter of goods.

    Our largest trading partner (the USA) is on the ropes economically, with no real recovery in sight despite what the DOW reads.

    Worldwide demand for our products is similarly nowhere.

    I just don't see it, not in the next 12 months anyway.
  5. agreed. B of C is talking shit.
  6. Rising loonie is only a problem for Ontario... It's not bad for the rest of Canada.
  7. Yes, which makes up the majority of Canada's economy...
  8. 1.1205, according to one of the models I have seen...
  9. Now that's a number we could live with. Any less than 1.1 stings in Ontario. Except for cross border shopping raids of course.
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