Bank of Canada cuts base rate by quarter-point to 4.25%

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  1. The Bank of Canada said it's cutting its target rate by a quarter-point to 4.25%, citing inflation figures that were below expectations and downside risks to the bank's inflation projection. "Global financial market difficulties related to the valuation of structured products and anticipated losses on U.S. sub-prime mortgages have worsened since mid-October, and are expected to persist for a longer period of time. In these circumstances, bank funding costs have increased globally and in Canada, and credit conditions have tightened further. There is an increased risk to the prospects for demand for Canadian exports as the outlook for the U.S. economy, and in particular the U.S. housing sector, has weakened," the bank said. The dollar rallied 1.3% to C$1.0136 on the news.
  2. someone is gonna get a suprise when the fed cuts .5%
  3. Daal


    Buy the dip?the fed will either match the cut or make boc look like hawks in the next meeting
  4. I just did buy the dip. It's funny that Canadians are blaming the exchange rate primarily for the slowdown, and it is a factor no doubt. More importantly, the slowdown is a result of the recession in the US!

    I don't really trade off fundamentals, but your logic sounds rational. If the CAD hangs in here, I'll be adding bigtime. It's in a multi-year uptrend, adn for that rason alone I would NOT consider shorting.:D
  5. Bloomberg calls it a "surprise cut". Just look at the daily charts; somebody knew! :D
  6. lol @ "Surprise cut"
  7. LMAO @ suprise cut!