Bank of America Soars as Ken Lewis, Directors Buy Shares

Discussion in 'Wall St. News' started by Daal, Jan 21, 2009.

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    Lewis also thought it was good idea to buy Countrywide and Mer. It's not that he is bad at valuing's that he is insane.
  3. I dont trust any of these MOFO
    Last time Geroge soros bought LEH i bought LEH
    LEH = 0
    Citibank Vikram Pandit bougt shares at 8.60 i bought shares
    C = 3.00
    Warren buffet bought GS at $115
    I bougt 50 shares of GS at 110
    GS = 70
    Now BAC and JPM
    If BAC would have gone under $5 you would have seen serious selling coming in cause all the mutual fund,s would have o sell the stock
    Much better to own TECH now then owning financials
  4. BAC's assets only need to fall by 2.6% in order to wipe out their common equity
  5. ============================
    good , wise job on C, if you were buying to close;
    if long @ 3 , well live & learn .

    Dont really know Mr Lewis, but apparently he has more sense than LEH or C/leadership who pretended a blame-game on short sellers.Probably hurt them more than helped.

    Shorts helped fuel the rally;
    probably the big banks only private sector friends, Cool

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    The bottom is in, time to buy because they bought, RIGHT??????

  7. Well Murray
    I have seen and learned
    when Oil was at $140 they predicited it will go to $200
    Now oil is at $40 they predict it will go to $18 WTF
    Leh said it is doing good just to realise tehy are fucked
    So no one can trust no one
    But i am sure the long run they will do better
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    No one bought that crap other then Liwis and the Gov run tax payers "TARP" funds.
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    Lewis gets the "DUMBASS" tag of the year if not longer!

    After having an account with these fag bags! I learned there true knowledge and shorted the sheet out off these dick holes at $39. The short is over for me though, for I see them as pee'ons. They may go to "0" but I have gained 10 time the income and knowledge of these spineless ass wipes now and have moved on.