Bank of America says its time to buy stocks and junk bonds

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    How is this crap even in Bloomberg ? It may finally be time to load up on risky assets, Bank of America says

    Then getting even creepier and downright into moral hazard territory, they write at end

    The strategists recommend selling Treasuries, Japanese yen and health care and utility stocks this month

    Bloomberg actually published an article recommending selling treasuries, Japanese Yen, Health Care & Utilities this month ? I can somewhat get the rhetoric behind stocks even if bad, but junk bonds ? What ever credibility they had, is gone... This is jaw dropping, literally newspapers are modern day whores, pay to play. I can't even wrap my head around bloomberg publishing buying Junk Bonds literally as the junk bond market is imploding, even if BaC paid for the article to be published
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    I don't think it is a matter of BofA paying for the article to be published. The article is just reporting what the strategist said. It is up to the reader to decide what to do with the information.
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    Here.... wrap your brain around these for a minute. Its pretty cool. Let us know how you fared.

    I scored in the top percentiles for 3 out of 4. Average on the click test, and I think that was my "powered by vacuum tubes" AT&T bs.
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    No thanks, I do not need another site to log into, especially one of those "test your mental acuity" test sites. I tried the memory test, got to level 11. As for the rest, I'd prolly fail.

    But when ever I participated in one of those in the past, I always felt like Bluebeard from...

    Sorry about the audio, only copy I could find on short notice.
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  5. I have never been much for buying stocks and I doubt that will change.