Bank of America management has a hard drive now residing at WIKILEAKS

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  1. you can take it to the bank
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  3. That won't be the reaction of BofA's management when they find out about it.
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    What's the release date? Or is this abduction insurance for Assange?
  5. Extremely few people know about this yet. Check the Wikileaks page it's not there yet.

    But they will confirm it if you contact them.
  6. How will BofA management handle this leak when everybody finds out about it?
  7. This information is not on Wikileaks' web page.

    If you are a little skeptical, email Wikileaks and they will confirm that it is in their possession.

    Share this info. ONLY with those who you think should have it.
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    I guess BoA's a ripe short...
  9. so how is this incriminating
  10. In the general public, only the BofA insider knows exactly what has been leaked (and leaked at great risk).

    Although I have no idea what's on this exec's hard drive, I would be surprised if it's cartoon books.
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