Bank of America, greedy fools...

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by ScalpMan, Dec 23, 2008.

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    Take a look at this story. Have heard this happening to several of our troops and it has always been BofA doing it. Saw a few for home foreclosures as well.

    I will NEVER use Bank of America.

  2. Bank of Great Satan.
  3. I used to bank with them and always had problems. The final straw was that they were taking 20 dollars per month for service fees. It was always a mistake and they would fix it when i asked, but it was a constant thing. First it was 3 dollar service fees, then 8, then freaking 20! Wouldn't have been such a problem, but going in there and its like every dirt poor person in my city banks with BofA and none know how to use an ATM so they all go inside, so people like me with a real problem have to wait 30 minutes in line. (This is a suburb i live in too, so no idea why the bank has to always be packed.)

    Now I am with WaMu. Lines are about half as long and BofA, but the customers are cleaner(for some reason when I am at BofA i always get in line behind some guy that doesnt shower), and WaMu always gives me free checking on all my accounts and if they accidently charge me, they refund the money back before i even know they charged me. (only reason i find out is my statement says -4.00 then +4.00 right next to each other)