Bank of America fraud emails to be leaked tonight

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by bond_trad3r, Mar 13, 2011.

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    I'd be careful holding a short for more than one day. You never know what kind of news will come out next. So far, Wikileaks has produced nothing but soap opera bull shit. Most like Assange is a CIA operative whose job is to prove that the big guys aren't so bad after all. I mean look, all these big leaks, and nothing too exciting.
  3. BAC still holding toxic garbage and skeletons from MER as well as their own.

    IMO, this and C are going to be the first two to go if things get bad.
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    I never said they should be a short for THIS story. They'll be a good short later this year and for a good while afterwards, I think.
  5. Well reading over the emails released they seem to identify specific document/loan numbers that were deliberately concealed and altered.

    If the feds investigate and determine wrong doing/fraud on these loan documents then they would be justified to require an audit of every loan document at the sole cost and expense of BAC.

    Be interesting to see how many of their past federal regulators and investigators are now on their payroll.
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    the banks are not safe.
    the japanese pulling assets out to
    save themselves.

    the dollar will drop cuz of the asset pullout,
    sending aid over, and printing more dollar bills.


    where's ur money at guys?