Bank Of America execs confronted at their homes.

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  1. Residents Take Foreclosure Fight to Bank Exec's Doorstep

    A group of 50 activists deposited the trash from a vacant Bank of America foreclosure on the doorstep of Bank of America Massachusetts President Robert Gallery at 95 Beacon St on 9/21. They also served Gallery and the Bank with a 9 day "notice to quit" warning them to stop their harmful practices, or there will be a much larger demonstration on 9/30.
    Local Residents Attempt to Return B of A Trash in Malden

    Local residents gathered in Malden on September 19 to clean up an abandoned Clinton Street property – returning the collected yard waste and trash to its rightful owner, Bank of America. Neighbors launched the service project to rehab a local eyesore and raise awareness of the impact bank foreclosures have on area communities.

    A Breakfast Delivery for Bank of America

    Less than 24 hours after announcing a planned mass layoff of more than 30,000 employees, local residents dropped in on a posh company-sponsored breakfast at the Seaport Hotel in Boston. The event, billed as a “government affairs forum,” was chaired by Robert Gallery, President of Bank of America-Massachusetts.

    Protesters Descend on Boston Bank of America Branches

    Dozens of protesters descended on Boston Bank of America branches on September 12, following the company’s announcement that it will slash more than 30,000 jobs in the coming months.