Bank of America embarrassed by the American flag!

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    Marine Lance Cpl. Christopher Fowlkes gave his life for this country. His neighbor wanted to honor him by planting flags along the route to his funeral. When she tried to plant a flag at BofA a branch manager ran out of the bank and told her she couldn't do it, she said

    "You mean the American flags?" Earls recalled responding.

    The manager said policy prohibits the bank from flying any flag, including the American flag. Earls said the manager told her that the flags might offend some customers.

    Offend some customers? Who are they doing business with? Bin Laden? Ahmadinajad? Kim jong il? Or just your everday run of the mill al-qaeda terrorists?

    Someone gives you 45 billion dollars to keep your business from failing, you either need to fly that freakin' flag or take your business out of here.
  2. Time to duct tape someone to the flag pole naked.
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    Take a guess on whom those offended by the US Flag voted for.
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    Where did you get "embarrassed"?
  5. Obama of course. Obama doesnt like to offend anyone! Unless of course its patriots, Christians, or white police officers.
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    Where did you get "offended"?