Bank of America, Chevron added to Dow Jones Industrial Avg; Altria Group, Honeywell t

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  1. lol remove the ones near highs and add the ones beaten up so when they rebound it juices the dow. thats why shorting indexes tough as they're manipulated
  2. evurryting iz manhipuilated!!

  3. "We saw that the financials industry was under-represented ... and that the oil and gas industry's growing importance to the world economy called for another representative to join Exxon Mobil Corp. (XOM, Fortune 500)," said Brauchli.

    C, JPM, AIG, AXP: financials under-represented?
  4. Bowgett


    They should be like 20% of the Dow but after recent fall they are under-represented now :)
  5. Ha, if they really wanted to get dirty, they should have taken AIG out before the gap down today.

    Coulda saved a few points, lol.
  6. When I first heard the news re BofA going in, it really made me wonder. W/ the state of country wide and refi's in 08/09 why would they add BofA now? Do they know something about additional "bailouts" in the works? Something to keep in mind.